Meet the Athletes

Mervin Manjuran

Celebrity Athlete

FitZup Athlete Mervin Majuran is a calisthenic enthusiast with body weight and movement training with a unique approach towards fitness.

Abigail Pande

Celebrity Athlete

FitZup celebrity athlete Abigail Pande has her expertise in yoga and promotes the best way to reach greater flexibility goals.

Barkha Sen Gupta

Celebrity Athlete

FitZup Celebrity Athlete Barkha Sen Gupta is known to prioritize fitness in her busy schedule which inspires others to start their fitness journey without any excuses. She justifies the saying “Fitness is a lifestyle with no finish line”


International Athlete

FitZup International Athlete Dominika is the most dedicated fitness enthusiast known to promote her comprehensive knowledge on nutrition with her goal oriented meal preps. She is also known to achieve body goals and her next target is to compete in Bikini Fitness.

Pryanca Talukdar

Celebrity Athlete

FitZup Celebrity Athlete Pryanca Talukdar promotes health and wellness through her skills and knowledge of maintaining a body shape/structure by setting an example for the people to continue their fitness journey and make it a lifestyle.