Corporate Social Responsibility

More than 4 million animals end up in shelters and rescue centers every year all over the world, and almost half of them never find a home. To reverse that trend, FitZup will tie up with Animals Matter to Me (AMTM), an animal rights organization to help these animals heal in the rehab and eventually find a home.

FitZup will donate dog food, money and other essentials to the shelter and rescue center so the facility can spend more money on what matters most. To get customers involved in the campaign, FitZup will encourage putting a message out on the products so that other helpers could contribute by buying and thus also contributing to the campaign.

AMTM, an animal rescue foundation, is perfect for FitZup’s campaign. Additionally, FitZup will encourage social media conversations about the project. FitZup will enlist bloggers to run posts about the project and direct readers to the social media pages. FitZup will also encourage social media fans to share their favorite dog memories or adoption stories on their page.

From the start of the project, FitZup will feed many dogs and other animals, and will help the shelters and rescue centers and also save resources on food and other costs. Many animals will be adopted as well.