Alpha Whey (New Zealand Whey, 25g Protein, 2.3lbs)

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  • Brand: FitZup
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FitZup Whey Concentrate contains the Cleanest & Purest Whey, sourced from New Zealand, extracted from the best and the happiest cattle in the world.

1 - 2 servings daily (1 serving is 1 scoop) (post workout and bedtime)

The first undertaking from FitZup is an uncompromising formula of whey protein designed for anyone who is hunting for a performance related goal;with a versatile combination of convenience, value and brilliant quality. Since, it is micronized; our Alpha Whey mixes effortlessly in a few ounces of water using just a glass and spoon. The superior quality of the performance blend is perfect to consume after workouts, in between meals, or any other time when you need a quick hit of the premium whey protein. Each scoop contains 25g Protein.

Alpha Whey 2.3lbs - Nutritional Information
  1. Contains purest form of whey protein
  2. Fast Absorbing & Fast Digesting Protein
  3. Micronized protein (super fine texture)
  4. Per Scoop – 12g EAA, 6.2g BCAA & 4.6g Glutamic Acid
  5. Gluten Free, No Added Sugar, Non – GMO, No Soy, No Banned Substances
  6. Consume 1 – 2 Servings per day for best results, contains 25g Protein per scoop.

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