Carbo Load (Four-Carb Blend, Electrolyte Blend, 5kg/11lbs)

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  • Rs. 2,379.30

  • Brand: FitZup
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FitZup Carbo Load is a supplement that helps in restoring balanced amount of carbohydrates in your body.

Consume 1 – 2 Servings per day (1 serving is 1 scoop) for best results

It contains a unique four-carb blend that can help in energizing your body after heavy workouts. It helps provide instant energy and also immediate post-workout glycogen replenishment. This supplement helps in post workout, necessary insulin spike for seasoned athletes and also helps in faster recovery with its multivitamin & mineral blend. It also helps in the post training recovery by initializing energy production after your workout schedule. Apart from this, it boosts up your physical intensity by enhancing your strength, power & endurance. A perfect way to get instant energy – either during workout/post workout.

  1. 99g Carbs Per Serving
  2. Advanced Four-Carb Blend
  3. Micronized (super fine texture)
  4. No Banned Substances

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