Nini Tea (Chamomile, Lavender, Reduces Stress, 100g)

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‘Nini’ as it is known, is a traditional Indian expression for sleep. FitZup Nini tea is a traditional plant based tea which supports effective sleep.

3 - 5 gms in mesh ball/day
Optional - can be consumed twice a day also

What's Inside

Loose Leaves

Natural, Unprocessed

Mesh Ball Included

Himalayan Tea

The ingredients (Chamomile & Lavender) contain relaxing and calming properties. This formula ensures that you get a full night’s sound sleep. After getting the required amount of sleep, you wake up feeling refreshed and recharged. The aromatic herbal Nini tea also works well to relieve you from stress and anxiety. The tea leaves assist in reducing insomnia and equips you for the day ahead.

  1. All ingredients come straight from the Himalayan woods and flora
  2. Chamomile from this FitZup super tea is known to relieve muscle cramps
  3. Lavender consists of stress relieving properties and is a mood lifter while helping to get a restful sleep
  4. Take 3-5 gms of our loose leaf tea, put it in the mesh ball infuser. Steep in 80 deg. Celcius, 180 ml water for 2-3 mins. Enjoy your Super Tea.

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